Project Overview

Location: Shanghai, China

Complete: 2015

Skills: Hand-sketch, SketchUp, AutoCAD, PS


The office building is in Shanghai Creative Industrial Park which owned by developer Cifi Group. The Creative Industry Park is the part of Cifi’s plan to access the Shanghai commercial real estate market. While the buildings frames had been completed, Cifi’s marketing team did not meet the expected goals, and the entire park buildings had not been sold. At that time, Cifi contacted several architectural and interior design companies to participate in the bidding to make a demonstration model, and to promote the promotion of the marketing department with space design.


This project was due to the time I worked for M2 interior architecture design as a junior project manager and architectural designer, we won this project from the bidding proposal. It's also my first leading project in architectural design and project management.



With Weimo Feng(Director), Frederic Addey(Creative Director), ShengWei Qin(Construction designer)

This show office won the first class of 2016 Interior Design office section in China.

Phase 1: Pre-design


Our project began with the study of Cifi marketing purpose which was how to sell the buildings by the interior renovation. After the initial meeting with the marketing department and project manager, we started the projects by doing secondary research and asking questions. How can we leverage the space design to attract consumers to buy these buildings? What kinds of workspaces do customers want to work at? What are the challenges and opportunities? How can we do differently? 


We picked out a buyer from Cifi marketing potential clients list, a medical company. We tried to build a medical workplace solution. Soon, we gave up choosing the medical or other types of companies, due to the short bidding period we don't have enough time to do the secondary and preliminary research, and frame the insights, further to the concepts. We came out with an idea, why don't we pick up ourselves, the architecture firm as a buyer, and build a space which we want to work at?


We created a persona for this architecture firm named it as "A+I" means architecture and interior architecture design.


A + I is a modern Architecture and Interior practice recently established in Shanghai, with an international spectrum. Their range of services goes from urban planning & landscape, but their main focus is into Architecture plus Interior.


By consequences, we will design this 5 stores office building related to their needs as fellow builders, as well as creating an environment that will fit the best to their identity and lifestyle.


A + I is also an Eco-friendly user company in their consciences as well as in their most successful projects, so we had to design some feature elements that would reflect their care for nature.  The other point was also to create clear boundaries between the fields, and the best was most logically to allocate a floor to each field to fairly accommodate the 86 + employees.


The building's top floor terrace is the only space that has been treated clearly as a luxurious space, giving certain ease to the director, it’s assistant and especially the company’s clients.


What spaces do architects want to work? 

What spaces do architecture firms want to buy?

•Create Functional spaces

•Create community

•Bring diversity


•Have fun

•Provide entertainment

•Encourage movement

•Provide nature-light

•Make it Green



Better working environment

Entertainment space

Advances resources

Better working environment(bright space) 

Inspiration board

Creative space



Monumental // Representative



Spacious // Handy



Resourceful // Peaceful

-Quality of life



1.Strong Concept

2.Good References: eco-friendly and beautiful materials

3.Clear and visual schemes

4.Schematic floor plans & sections



1.ppt presentation



Patio for basement


Patio for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors

We have a high-ceiling lower-level basement incorporating using natural light, the lower-level basement is transformed into an entertainment and training area.


We cut off a piece of ground on the north side of the building (1) and made a small patio that introduced natural light into the basement.


In the same way, parts of the slabs of the first, second and third floors were also stepped back to form a light-field atrium that runs through one to three floors, introducing a vertical natural light, and making bright welcome connections between each floor, which became more open and bright. (2)




Original building stairwell

New stairs





Work place



Cutting slabs



Orginal Plan
New Plan
Sketches & plans

Shifting the stairwell from the lower left corner of the original plan (3) to the middle freeze the corner for the conference room.


Move the original stairs from the blocking corner into the middle position (4) divided the plan into two, for both static and dynamic functions. The upper part of the plan is the open office area, and the lower part is the conference room.

Plans diagram

Phase 2: Schematic Design

As the parts of the slabs had been removed, reinforcing beams were added for the floors, using red color and modeling structure to transform the beams into the visual center for the entrance. 



In this section, we aimed to 

1.Provide different perspectives and strong storytelling

2.Developing the plans

3.Fix uses and program location on the floor plan

4.Convince the client about main materials selection



1.PPT Presentation

2.Mood Board

3.Real Model or schematic 3D view​

Mood Board

Phase 3: Design Development

This is the stage that we were getting our design into details, preparing the package with the builders for bidding which will be able to build our idea and quote it accordingly and accurately. 




  • 1.Floorplans

  • 2.Elevations

  • 3.Sections

  • 4.Details fixed elements and general connections


3.Materials: List & Board

4.Fixed Products:

  • 1.Sanitaryware

  • 2.Hinges & Handles

  • 3.LightingList


  • 1.detailed drawings

  • 2.Renderings

  • 3.Material list and selection

6.Soft Furnishing:

  • 1.Curtains,Carpets,cushions,fabric selection…

  • 2.Plants: Species, planters

  • 3.Accessories



1.cad drawings

2.3D Model

3.Real Model


5.Material Board

Entrance Studies
Interior Entrance Rendering
Empathy Theater Rendering

Phase 4: Construction Drawings and Site Supervision

We were preparing construction drawings for the contractor, in this phase, meetings with contractor closely are the key fact to be a successful project. Weekly meeting with contractors reviewed construction drawings modification adjust to the site in addition to the design construction drawings and MEP.


Besides the preliminary drawing, construction drawing, and MEP, we also need to:

  1. Start Furniture Mock-Up

  2. Start Lighting Mock-Up

  3. Builder Material Board to approve by us

  4. Furniture & Light mock-up to approve by us

  5. Site corner mockup


Construction photos 

Completion photos 

(Photographer: M2)