Location: Ningpo, Zhejiang Province, China


Complete: 2015

Skills: AutoCAD, SketchUp, PS


Site basic information:

The interior design area is 23m2. The height under the beam to the floor is 2.4m. The meeting room is inside of Greenland 28th office.


About the icloud

The main concept is building the connection between the icloud and the communication-equipment, the smartphone, iPad or others.


The main function is the icloud meeting, using the touch media and satellite TV to connect with other regional offices. During the meeting, they can be sharing the resources as discussion materials.


According to the different meeting mode demands, the LED intelligent lighting can turn to accordingly mode.

With ShengWei Qin(Construction design)

Phase 1: Concept Design

Space analysis | The flexible layout


In this 23m2 chamber, the flexibility and experience of interaction should be linked together.

There is no fixed furniture, like tables or chairs. The flexible table can be turned into the bookshelf wall, using the touch media can control it to a table in a few seconds.

I designed four sofa benches and two small desks in the middle of the chamber. They are all flexible when you set the collapsible table from the wall, you can move the sofa benches as the chairs.


Set two scenarios to explain how to use this space​

Scene one | Unconventional meeting


▪Usually the best meetings, nothing too tight but full of faith

▪A good thing to show the greater capacity of any company at 5 pm on a Friday afternoon/walk around with a potential client or supplier.

▪From the freshly done 26th floor to the 28th floor VIA the elevator. A Greenland employee and a client-side by the marketing agent.

▪Light of the room(all opaque glass)


 Voice recognize (approval)   statement of visit + visitors number


 The glass gets clear and the door sliding to the right


▪Light on “good afternoon, Miss Lisa, how can I help you?”

        “Hello, Green, just for a random visit with friends, would you put up a nice video of

        Our layout project?” Lisa said.

        Green “yes, project number 112099 “

        “Thanks” Lisa

        “Most welcome” Green said

Then the video is projecting just behind the sliding door on the left.

Scene two | After lunch,


Lisa takes a coffee with a colleague.



Recognition by her eyes

(One is enough, but recognition of the second person would be good)

▪People already in?       

When people are sitting, attaching their pads (one is on the chair, the other is on sofa bench island.


▪what to do?        

▪Enjoy the foldable table system automatic.

▪Control pad on available, so one is free. They take two sofa benches and seat around the table. Either attach the corporation to renew or play Cards or other games. Headphones are available in the case.


▪The progressive chambers

Direct connection to other Greenland office from chambers to chambers and email dropped. Looking for a pick-up request, camera, networking. Can be good for the tea building inter Greenland office.

(All around a cup of tea.)