Location: Ningpo, Zhejiang Province, China


Complete: 2015

Skills: AutoCAD, SketchUp, PS


G  COFFEE, as Greenland’s first café open to the public, it is prepared to the standard of the ”Green Magic”. Transforming Greenland company culture” Greenland, create a better life” to “G- COFFEE, enjoy the better life”. Greenland picked their first location in the small city Ningbo, China to test the market. The project supposed to cost only two months to complete the design & planning, decoration, equipment procurement, employment, and training.


Surrounded by glass façade and a 19.4 feet high space was introduced to maximize daylight in the entrance of a mall. I was tasked with developing the design concept, 3D modeling, material choosing, presentation, and the preliminary CAD drawings. Reclaimed wood, brushed black stainless steel, a growth treelike pattern system and drop light bulbs were chosen to pay tribute to the space present. Custom wall-shelf fixed by rebar at the ceiling, white sawtooth tile with recycled wood-floor, and furniture was selected to be fabricated a comfort atmosphere.




With ShengWei Qin(Construction design)


Phase 1: Concept Design

The Heart of the Cross-routes


The G- Café store has 2,067 square feet, locates at one of the mall entrance. The public allowed the cross-routes to blur the traffic flows and create an outdoor first impression with a glass facade.


A vital community moment of “G- Café, enjoy your local community”. The G-Café front beckons in visitors, the spacious and inviting interior spaces create a welcoming code.

The semi-interior architecture

A story, a plot, and more is an abstract thought. The philosophical expression of oriental culture is carried out in the semi-interior space.

Near the walls, the working counters(red area) and the storage(blue area) are divided to face the open space. The green area is a traffic hub, customers are entering the store, ordering and looking around the store in this hub. Extending the two dimensions of the green area to three dimensions as a pre-creation area.


The tree has the same character of China ancient architecture culture, a semi-interior space beneath the branches.

Materials: White sawtooth tile, gray carpet, recycle wood floor, wood veneer, greens